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Garden Updates and Our COVID-19 Response

Review our COVID-19 policies here.

The time has come to reserve a plot with the Community Garden!  Practice resilience, grow food, and build community strength.

As in the past, you can sign up for either a ground plot or raised bed running mid-May through October.  To reserve a plot or raised bed, please complete the attached contract and return it to me at the address on the contract.  You will note that the address has changed as I have assumed the administrative duties from Sue.

We hope to have an update soon as to when the garden plots will be available for planting.  In the meantime until we can meet as a group, there `are some tasks that can still be done to get the garden ready for the upcoming season.  If you would like to spend some time outside and work on a garden task after the Governor has lifted his “stay at home order,” please reach out to Jenny Fessler at or 412-977-4277 and she can update you on what projects are available. 

While we practice social distancing, the garden offers a safe opportunity to feel solidarity with one another.  In following the Governor’s guidelines, participants will be asked to keep 6 feet between themselves and sanitize any equipment used at the garden.  Supplies will be located in the Garden shed.   We ask that you do NOT come to the Garden if you are sick, have recently been sick, or have been in contact with anyone who has been sick.  This is for the safety of fellow gardeners as well as the food being grown.  Please take care of yourself and your community and take proper measures for your health.

The Oak Grove Community Gardens requires members to employ organic gardening practices. This ensures that your food will be the healthiest that you can possibly harvest for yourself, your family, and any produce that is donated!

We welcome your visit to our site and hope you will join us in our gardening endeavor!

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