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    We look forward to a bountiful summer of flowers, herbs, and organic vegetables.
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    Our honey bees and hives are managed and owned by Christian Shaffer of Honey So Good.
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    Keeping Crows Away

Who We Are

Farming almost an acre of land since 2015, our community of gardeners produces more than three thousand EXTRA pounds of food for local food banks each year.

Be a Gardener

Sign up to grow with us as we cultivate fun and exciting ways to plant and harvest your favorite local, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers over more than 50 plots.

What’s Fresh

Check here to see the latest news. Upcoming events include a summer picnic, Fall Fest, and our annual Harvest Dinner. We welcome members and newcomers!

Welcome to the Community Gardens at Oak Grove

We provide our surrounding community an opportunity to grow food plants for individuals and families who lack access to plantable ground. Together, we teach, serve, love, and provide fresh produce to the community.

Our Community Gardeners Choose to Donate Some or All of Their Produce to Local Food Banks.
The 5 pound sweet potato shown below was donated.

Our gardeners donate about 3,000 pounds of food per year.

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