The Community Garden thrives thanks to its gardeners and volunteers, like you, who give their time and effort to plant and maintain the plots and raised beds and process the bounty of donated produce.

Volunteer at the Community Garden

Who can volunteer at the Community Garden? Anyone! We welcome all who would like to participate even if you are not a gardener. No “green thumbs” are required.

What can I do?

Volunteer opportunities begin at the end of May after the garden is planted. During the garden season, the common areas need to be maintained. Once the harvest starts, volunteers are needed for our weekly produce weigh-in and pick-up. Either of these services generally only require one to two hours of your time.

Where and how can I volunteer?

All volunteer work occurs at the Community Garden itself. If you or your group is interested in volunteering at the garden, please contact Jenny Fessler at (412) 977-4277 or oglcgarden@gmail.com. Or sign up below!

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