About Us

Our History

In 2015, we established an all-natural community garden at Oak Grove Lutheran Church.  With having 3.5 acres of land we wanted to give our surrounding community a chance to grow vegetables that will make a difference for individuals and families who lack access to plant-able ground.  The name of our organization is “Rooted Growing Branching Out” which is also our mission statement.  We are rooted in our land growing vegetables and branching out into our surrounding areas to share with others.  This is our ninth year of growing and we are learning more each year about who we serve and what their needs are and how we can best help them address their needs long term. 

In the year of 1993 the ELCA social statement was “Caring for Creation.”  Twenty-eight years later we at the Community Gardens at Oak Grove Lutheran Church are still caring for creation. It was a simple idea but then it became its own creature.  To see this come into reality has been truly amazing.  Together, we are teaching serving, loving, and providing fresh produce to the community. 

Together we are working to help eliminate food insecurity one seed at a time. 

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